Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Big Needle Wednesday: On the Road

 We had to drive out to Annapolis to the floor place yesterday to get the transition pieces that hadn't arrived early. On the way up and back I got the first of the Big Mister socks down.  Last night I also finished my third Mosi hat and got that second sock cast on and cuff knit. No SSS for me.

 Soldotna is now at 8 inches below the armhole. I'd like to get to 12 before I start the border and the ribbing. I hope the green holds out. Those two balls are getting mighty small.

I did figure out the issue with the seam thanks to this video by Purl Soho.  The top is their method and the bottom is my wonky try at carrying all those yarns going up the side. It was simpler than I imagined. As usual I was trying too hard.

 Pup's latest sweater looks like this and I am ashamed to confess I ordered her $30 worth of Pup pajamas on Amazon the other night.

I also bought her a $13 Fair Isle Christmas sweater from Marshall's on yesterday's excursion. We are going to the holiday thing at Nats Stadium for my birthday and it's a pup friendly event (with a $15 ticket for your pup!) so I want her to be warm and look festive. I was going to knit one but this one is better than anything I could make in so short a time.

Also on the trip to Annapolis we stopped in a Micheal's so I could get some fixins' for my naked door wreath. I wanted something that could stay up all winter since I'm just not in the ho ho ho mood this year. In this unholy mess I am NOT digging out any of my holiday bins. Nope. Nope. Nope.

Look at that bow. I tied it. Do you know how many tries it took? I am beyond chuffed that I pulled it off. I could have bought a bow but when I saw the pine cone ribbon (on sale) I thought I would give it a go. I love it.

Waiting at home in the mailbox was the first of the holiday cards. It was from Betsy who also enclosed the little snowflake stitch marker. How perfect is that? I love it.
Thanks Betsy!


  1. Your wreath is beautiful! I need to make a winter wreath I can have up after Christmas. I love pups Christmas sweater, but the one you knit her, Wowza! Love those colours!

  2. Oh, I'm glad that you got the card and the marker survived the mail.
    As always I love all of your projects, especially the hat and Soldotna. The sweater for Pup is perfect.

  3. I marvel at how much you accomplish! You have got to be the speediest knitter around. And everything is gorgeous. Love the hat, love the sweater, pup's sweater is darling (and the one you bought too!!). That pine cone ribbon is the best. I need to get over to Joann's to see if there is any good Christmas ribbon left.

  4. I am impressed with your progress in spite of the house being turned upside down! The bow is utterly perfect--I have tried to make them and I know how hard it is--great job!!! The wreath is beautiful!

  5. Love your wreath and the bow! I like to have decorations I can leave out and about at least through January and sometimes even later.

  6. I really don't know when you find time to breathe even. :)

  7. Oooh! I LOVE that wreath! So gorgeously understated. That hat is beautiful too. Green is my color! And, Pup needs to be well dressed for Christmas! :)