Monday, December 2, 2019

Sew Sew Sunday

 It was a cold, wet Sunday perfect for getting things cleaned up in the soap room. I made my last loaf yesterday. I now have 88 little gift bars and 55 big chunky bars curing at the moment so I thought it was time to put all the soap stuff away and reclaim my table for sewing.

 I had my batting and backing ready to sandwich the autumn batik quilt but when I looked over at the ironing board I saw.....

....the towel I needed to hem.

 After hemming the towel I looked over at the Juki and saw that I still needed to finish machine quilting the scrappy Dresden. I thought I better practice a bit first. I was really rusty.

 This thing is no fun to wrestle but thankfully it's going quick. I've only got five more blocks to go.

Then all my sewing fun was interrupted by an itchy Pup. She was way overdue for a trim so instead of ever getting around to making my autumn batik sandwich I played dog groomer instead. Thank goodness it's sweater weather for little doggies because she looks pretty ragged after my chop job.


  1. Your post sounded a lot like, "If you give a mouse a cookie!" Ha! All of your projects look great though. Even Pups haircut sounds very needed.

  2. We tried to trim our little poodle and butchered her hair and found that the groomer was well worth their $ ! lol
    Nice projects to catch up on today!

  3. Oh my! You are just so busy!!! I'm laughing at all the dog hair. Does she sit still for you to trim her?

  4. She may look ragged, but I'll be she feels much better. You're a good doggy mom! :-)

  5. The pile of Pup's hair made me giggle. Finishing the towel and the Dresden will make the batik quilt more fun to complete.

  6. Sounds like you had a very productive day even if autumn batik did not get sandwiched. I love when I get things of the to-do list like that.

  7. You are so busy! I trimmed the boys faces last weekend, not at least they can see!

  8. One unfinished project leads to another! :)