Sunday, December 22, 2019

At a Stand Still

 The meeting with the floor people went well so now we have nothing to do until they can get us on the schedule in the New Year. In the lull I decided it might be time to get back into the piecing game. I had my new kit calling to me from the sewing room.

 Once in the sewing room I unfortunately contracted a terrible case of grownupitis and decided I really can't ignore the project that's been waiting for me since last winter even though I am not feeling the least bit wintery in spite of the below average temperatures here.

 It took me a while to get going on it. There's a lot of moving parts. Soon I remembered why I wasn't too fond of this project. You need a lot of different materials to keep prints from "touching" each other and since I am working from a limited collection I don't have that. The two blocks I finished can't be sewn together because I wasn't paying attention to those dark colors that will meet up in the center. Oh, well....I have lots more of these blocks to make so I am sure one of them will work here eventually.

I also have to be working carefully as the soap side of the room is full of drying bath bombs at the moment. I am out of my personal stash and I also wanted a few for gifting.  The new little soap shop down the street is charging $5 a piece for these things. When you know what goes into them and how easy they are to make that's just crazy.  That's $80 worth of bombs just in this photo. Can you believe it? You can buy an awful lot of baking soda, corn starch and citric acid for $80.


  1. I think those blocks are lovely as they are in my favorite colors. The bath bombs are great too. I can't believe that price. You, my friend, could fund your new kitchen selling those things! :-)

  2. Those wintery colours are really beautiful! Liana

  3. I think the blocks from your long neglected winter quilt are just beautiful! It is going to be an awesome quilt when complete. Your bath bombs are so pretty! Love the blue ones.

  4. Those little blue soaps are beautiful!

    And that snowflake quilt is going to be gorgeous!

  5. I love the wintry blues--you can whip this into shape in no time! I love the change of direction you attribute to 'grownupitus'! lol

  6. Love the blue quilt squares and the coordinating bath bombs. You should look into selling yours. They are beautiful!