Saturday, December 14, 2019

Mail Call

 My mailbox was full yesterday. Look at all the loot that showed up! I've got pretty cards from Mere and Vera and...... and lots of Alaskan goodies from Sandflies including this vintage skating dress pattern. How fun is that?

 She also sent me these wildlife panels. Dad used to collect panels like these with the idea of one day having enough to make something out of them. I'll have to go dig them out and see what we have. Thanks, ladies for making my day!

My big birthday surprise showed up and if you're not a quilter this will mean very little to you but it's a........

.....quilt KIT!!! You know how I love kits. I also love jelly rolls and this kit has TWO!!! was on clearance and I said if this kit was ever on sale it would be mine and it was and it is. Mine.

 I even bought the backing material. That's how far in I am with this project. I never do that. I usually just wing it.

I know what you're thinking....don't you already have a winter piecing project in the works?  Yes. Yes, I do but I'm just not getting any love from it yet. It's just not wintry enough here for me to care about all those blue and purple snowflakes. I'm sure it's day will come but it's not now.

Now I want something new. I want this.


  1. Wow! You had a GREAT day didn't you? Love all of your goodies. That skater is perfect for you and I love the new quilting goodies. You will be busy.

  2. It's fun to get surprises in the mail. I turned a lot of my Mom's panels into shopping bags. I smile and think of her every time I use them.

  3. Oh that new kit is gorgeous! I do love a good floral backing too!

  4. What wonderful mail you received yesterday! Your fabrics in the jelly rolls and the backing are just beautiful! Love the pattern you are going to use. That is going to be an awesome quilt.

  5. I think you should have ordered even more kits for your birthday, you deserve them!

  6. yeah for ordering your own birthday surprise! Looks like a fun project, but I also like the blues and the snowflakes:)

  7. Ooh! I love that backing material. What a great birthday gift to yourself.

  8. Are the wildlife panels??? Fabric or paper?????

  9. Oh, lovely birthday gifts! You are rich with friends...