Friday, December 27, 2019

In a Panic

I'm leaving today for a seven day kitty sitting trip to Daughter's and packing hasn't been fun. Seven days is a long time.  I went off to Walmart this morning to pick up some food when I came upon the Christmas clearance in the fabric aisle. Yardage and jelly rolls all priced under $3. That's a win but they can't go with me. I need pack-able projects and I don't have much to choose from at the moment.

 I am at the end of most of my projects. I'm worried I can't pack enough to keep me busy. I finished The Mister's giant socks on Christmas Day.

 I had one at the toe in a forgotten project bag. I began these in October and forgot about them. I should be able to get its mate done this week.

I had to order some more yarn for Soldotna and these came along for the ride. I'll pack them just in case I end up in sock withdrawal.

Speaking of Soldotna. I am almost at the arm divide so maybe I can get her done this week in all that uninterrupted peace and quiet. It would be nice.

As for stitching, now that Sheep Virtues is done I am going to put my effort here. I doubt I can get that whole house done in one week though-it's big and boring.

Then there is Dear Jane. Daughter's sunny dining room is my favorite place to work on those tiny stitches so I've packed up the materials for the last two blocks in row C to see if I can get them done. Now that I look at it all I think I actually do have enough to keep me busy. Time flies when all you're doing is having fun.


  1. It looks to me like you've got lots of projects. I like that Knit Picks yarn. I don't think I've seen that colorway. I don't dare go on their website because I don't need more yarn and I know I would buy some if I even look. :-)
    Have fun playing at your daughters.

  2. I always go into 'project panic' when I have to pack, too! I usually pack too much but it is good to have a ton to chose from while you are away! These look like good things to keep you relaxed busy!

  3. I think you'll have plenty to keep you busy while on kitty sitting duty. Enjoy!

  4. Oh my goodness! I LOVE your muted, blues and browns Soldotna! I've never seen one knit with muted colors and I LOVE it!

  5. Looking forward to seeing the projects and kitty pics while you're doing the duty! It's been so busy and it's been nice to sit here and look at the past few days of my favorite blogs!

  6. That should keep you occupied. That and playing with Emi.