Monday, December 23, 2019

Visions of Sugar Plums

 In an empty drawer in the cabinet we are using to hold up the sink I've been hoarding things for the past few weeks.

 I only have this much counter space left but for some reason I thought it would be a good time to learn how to do some fancy cookie icing. I've been watching people ice cookies every night on You Tube so of course I thought it was something I could actually do. They make it look so darn easy.

I baked the sugar cookies the day before using the complicated chilling and rolling directions to keep them flat.

 Yesterday I made some gingerbread using the same method.

 I made royal icing using Wilton's meringue powder. So far so good, I thought.

 The outlining took a while to get used to but it wasn't awful.

 The flooding went better than I expected so I as feeling pretty confident. I even bought one of those cookie platforms that spin. I was in cookie decorating heaven and then......

 I got to the part where you had to add the details and everything that could go wrong did. This is where I found out I had no talent for this sort of thing. My piping was terrible.

 When I was done I had two trays of the ugliest, gloppiest cookies you've ever seen.  They looked nothing like the vision I had in my head of the beautiful cookies I was going to share with the neighbors.

I wasted a whole day on this adventure but at least I got a good laugh out of it. I was thinking of this the whole time. That's what I get for thinking that watching someone do something is the same as being able to do it.


  1. I think you did a great job. Seriously. You should see my iced cookies. On second thought, if you think yours are bad, no you should NOT see mine. :-) I just smear the frosting on with a butter knife! Yep, I do. I've given up and I just buy iced cookies from the store since they are Dennis' favorite cookie.
    I say kudos to you for making some great looking cookies.

  2. Don't be hard on yourself - piping is incredibly hard - and yours looks awesome - especially for a first timer! I've tried to pipe a billion times and its not even as close to as nice as yours.
    I've given up now I just dip in royal icing and cover in sprinkles! It's messy, but it's dun and delicious!

  3. I, too, think your cookies turned out fine. I've been tempted to try that - thank God I haven't! LOL

  4. As my Dad says, "They look better now than after you eat them!" Sorry but these look good enough to eat and that is the best recommendation!

  5. Actually, I think your cookies look good and especially for the first time. For many years, decorating sugar cookies was part of our holiday celebration. Several years ago, we switched to doing a craft instead of decorating Christmas cookies. As much as I like baking, I do not miss decorating cookies. I am sure those cookies taste delicious.

  6. Personally, I think your cookies look great!

  7. I think they look great! And I bet they were yummy so that is all that matters.

  8. You've got me beat at simply having the cookies keep their shape during baking/removal from the pan. That's always the stage I give up on when making sugar cookies. Yours look great though. I specially love the green reindeer with a pink bow. :)