Thursday, December 26, 2019

Skipping Christmas

 Christmas didn't happen at our house this year. Our living area looks like this and this is the good side of the room. I thought I would miss all the fuss but I didn't. The Mister says he didn't either.

 We did go to the Grand's house for Christmas Eve dinner. A friend of theirs had gifted them this exquisite box of cookies she made. That, my friends, is how it's supposed to be done. Aren't they beautiful?

The gingerbread house the kids made was more at my level of execution lol....

 The big Christmas surprise that The Mister and I had for the kids was a karaoke machine and a light thingy that puts on a disco display. The Grands put on their Mario Halloween costumes and we did a swinging rendition of Feliz Navidad as a treat for the grown ups before dinner.

 Dinner was prime rib for the meat eaters and a savory bean dish for us herbivores.

Son always insists on strawberry shortcake for dessert as it reminds him of his time in Japan where fried chicken and strawberry shortcake is the tradition for Christmas dinner.

Upon arriving home I had this waiting in the mailbox from Kathy B. How sweet is that? It gives me hope for spring. This winter has been too dark and dreary. I'm already over it.

Christmas day was quiet. It was just the two of us so we took a stroll on the boardwalk with all the other old folks and their little dogs in their holiday sweaters who had no place else to go. It's a wonderful place for us empty nesters. We fit right in these days.


  1. It looks like a wonderful Christmas. I loved the karaoke and can just imagine the fun that was had. We had a strange day too by going to see Mr. Rogers at the movie theater after lunch with some friends. We've never done that before and I was amazed at how full the theater was. All of them were packed with people!
    Merry Christmas Debra.

  2. Quiet is a nice day, too. Yeah, beautiful cookies are not my thing either! lol

  3. Aww, Pup looks sweet in his sweater! Your Christmas Day looks perfect.

  4. Our Christmases are very low key these past few years, and its so much nicer!
    I didn't even put up our tree this year!
    I bet the grands are going to have a blast with that karaoke machine!

  5. We've done "quiet Christmas" for several years now and I find it is what I prefer. Too much hustle and bustle and pressure to have the "perfect" Christmas.

  6. Those cookies are awesome! I would love to have the talent or know the secret to that level of cookie decorating. That strawberry cake is beautiful and I bet it was delicious.

  7. Sounds like a nice, relaxing way to spend the day. We had planned to go all out with lights & decorations this year but laziness took over and we ended up only having a gigantic, but minimally decorated tree. It was actually really nice and I did Not miss the hassle of running around the house turning on all the lights. And, believe it or not, we hosted Christmas dinner for the first time ever (except for the year it ice-stormed, the roads were blocked and a few neighbors came over because we had a generator and multiple grills.) It was hectic, a little scary, and a lot of fun. Just might have to do a repeat next year.

  8. Sounds like the EVE was really fun. I m so happy you loved the tiny gift of hope I sent to a few. It is fine that you did a quiet Day on the Day. Im exhausted. I love seeing the dogs out. We are weirdly warm. love you