Thursday, December 5, 2019

Kitchen Update

 The cabinets are coming out so that means going through your junk and being ashamed. I had one whole drawer of nothing but candles. Most of them were so old they were either covered in dust or weepy. Who does this? They are gone now along with a lot of other weird stuff I had in the drawers.

 The old laminate counter top had to be sawed off so we could pull the base cabinets out. It was messy but nothing like the floor mess.

 Ta wall done. We still have one more to go but that 's for another day because we have an issue to deal with first.

 See that wall stud? That's where the old wall was between the kitchen and dining room. We removed all the walls to make one big living space. In our haste to get things done when we first moved in we didn't pay much attention to it since the cabinets covered it but now I want to tile behind the cabinets so we have to level the wall. Like all the bathroom studs they are out farther than they should be and make a bump. We had to shave them all down and now we have to do the same here and then replace the drywall. It's always something.

The one perk for destroying your kitchen is guilt free junk food. For dinner it was a little bit of everything including a quart of fancy ice cream from the ice cream store. I could get used to this.


  1. Oh yeah, especially the ice cream part.

    Living in a 167 year old house, NOTHING repair/update wise goes as planned. I feel your pain. ;-)

  2. I think it's amazing that you and the Mister have all of these wonderful construction skills that you would even know HOW to shave those wall studs. :-) . I would just stare at the wall and hope it transformed itself. Ha!

  3. Betsy and I are in the same camp!!

    Yay for ice cream!!! I need to pick up some peppermint stick ice cream.....

  4. We must be kindred spirits concerning candles. I found a similar drawer when packing for my move. Sigh! I love Subway, especially a turkey/tomato basil wrap with TONS of veggies.

  5. "so that means going through your junk and being ashamed."<---- I laughed so hard at this I almost spit pop out my nose! It's so true. But it feels sooooo good when it's done!

  6. You and your husband are fearless!!!

  7. I try to clean out my junk drawer every year but it sure does get ridiculous over 12 months!
    You ought to get some compensation for all of the inconvenience of a kitchen lost!

  8. Ok, now I'm REALLY ashamed! I'm living in one room, with all my clothes, books, yarn, craft supplies and two drawers full of candles. Yes, two drawers! In my defense, I'm planning lots of relaxing alone time with wine, candles and some nice yarn over the coming year.