Thursday, December 12, 2019

Some White Stuff

 We had our first snow yesterday.

The Mister woke me up at 4 am to see it coming down. By morning it was mostly gone. That's my kind of snow.

It was a good day for painting so off we went to the paint store.

 They don't make it easy these days. There are too many choices. Too many colors.

 They let us bring Pup in. She was not amused but she did look cute in the sweater I just finished for her.

 After lots of looking I decided on.....white. It's actually called Distant Gray but it's white. The old white on the walls was an off white and this is a bright white but they are both white.

Painting white over white is never fun but I'm taking my time. One wall a day. I'm in no rush. The Mister has decided we need to have the living room floor refinished before we put down the new kitchen floor since they transition into each other. Now we have to wait for the floor guy. It's always something.


  1. We had about 4 inches of snow overnight. A heavy, wet snow. It's supposed to be warmer tomorrow so will probably all melt.
    I think white paint is very elegant but I can't believe all of the shades of white there are. I get overwhelmed.

  2. Pup is sooo cute! Nice sweater. Liana

  3. I like white walls because color can be added Through curtains and other accessories.

  4. Pup looks great in her sweater!
    Can you believe how many shades of white there are? My husband and I always argue in the white aisle. He likes 'antique white' and I hate it. It looks antique alright - like old, dirty walls white. I want bright, clean white.

  5. The snow was so pretty, wasn't it? I loved that it was snowing on my drive to work, but the streets were bare. Pup's sweater is so pretty and what a picture with Pup in the cart!

  6. Yes, that was a perfect snow event. Pup is so cute in her sweater. So many shades of paint and I always love white. Seems as though your renovation project is expanding in scope. I know it will be so awesome when you have completed all the work.

  7. Love the pups sweater, paint choices never fun! But your window trim looks white and bright!

  8. Oh that puppy sweater is darling on her. White paint.......always looks crisp and wonderful when newly painted on walls! hooray

  9. Still you are making amazing progress. Good luck with the painting and the floor.

  10. It's really coming together for you!