Sunday, December 24, 2023

Visions Of Sugar Plums


I had to laugh at myself yesterday. After all that house "blessing" I did the day before I undid it yesterday making cookies. I have a open plan house meaning the living room, dining room and kitchen are all in the same place so when I mean I undid it all....I undid it all. 

At 7:30 we were up and at the little local grocery for cookie supplies. Thanks to pick up, I haven't set foot in a grocery store in years. We had the place to ourselves. 

Back at home I had the issue of the little oven to deal with. The brand new $$$ Frigidaire oven has never worked, never will and they won't do anything about it except send repair men who put in orders that get us nowhere when customer service denies them. We gave up and just bought a little oven that lives inside the big oven but cutting down recipes to tiny oven size has been a challenge. 

I made two pans of Hello Dollies trying to get it right. I never did but The Mister likes them anyway. 

I made up all the dough, left it to chill and then took Pup out for a walk. Santa Claus was coming on a golf cart down by the water today but we never did see him.

I made Alton Brown's sugar cookies, Martha Stewart's gingerbread cookies and Ina Garten's jam thumbprints. 

Even though I only made tiny amounts of each, I ran out of tins to store them in. Note to self....get a few more. wanna see something funny? My icing skills leave a lot to be desired. I call these my hieroglyphic inspired gingerbread cookies. I can do a lot of things pretty well but manning a piping bag is sure not one of 


  1. I cannot pipe icing to save my life. We have just always decorated our gingerbread cookies with raisins:)

  2. But at least you attempted piping, unlike people (me) who sprinkle colored sugar on and call it a day.

  3. Oh, what beautiful baking! I could go for the Egyptian Gingerbread man about now!

  4. I've heard of people storing lots of things in their ovens, but never other ovens! That whole situation is crazy, but I will make sure to never buy a ^&%* Frigidaire oven. I think a hieroglyphic gingerbread man would go perfectly with my morning tea.