Saturday, December 2, 2023

Dribs and Drabs


Day One of this year's Arne and Carlos advent stocking KAL looks like this. Not much to see here yet. Getting 6 rounds of colorwork done is very doable-unlike those little sweaters. There's no way I could do one a day like some folks did. 

I did get those little sweaters hung. I thought about taking one down a day but I can't bear to. They are just too cute all together and the next 24 days will be the only time they see the light of day for another year. 

I've had my Day One advent tea light going all day. I did go out and do some wood. 3 loads. That's my limit. Thankfully it started to rain so The Mister couldn't talk me into doing more. 

I changed out the door wreath and got out my twinkle lamp. I do Christmas in dribs and drabs. I get bored with it all if it sits around too long. The little tree never makes it appearance until my birthday on the 16th. 

Now about that mystery KAL I am doing....I am VERY wary of them as a rule. Years ago I was all excited to do one with a famous designer (I won't name) who was hosting it on Ravelry. I bought the recommended yarn and it cost a small fortune. I knew it was just a hat so what could go wrong? 

Look at that hat. Would you wear that out in public? I took these photos of it and then threw the hideous thing in a drawer. I have no idea where it is now and could care less. $80 and all that wasted time for this monstrosity. I did win a $30 gift certificate and a skein of yarn but that doesn't make up for the ridiculousness of it. You've just got to laugh. 


  1. Nope, nope, nope on the hat. That is the reason I do not do mystery knits. I also will never buy a pattern off Ravelry unless I have read someone's (or a few someones!) review(s) of it. Not that all paid patterns are badly written, but I certainly bought my share of them OR they included techniques I would not enjoy. It's just such a crap shoot.

    But those sweaters ............they are a big yes! They are adorable and should have their time in the spotlight all season.

  2. I know what you mean! Some mysteries are winners but I am leery of them, too! That hat is too funny! Another three loads done?! Amazing! I love the toe on that-sock? mitten tip? We will see?!

  3. Those sweaters! I love them so much. They're so sweet hanging on the line together. We put our tree up a couple of days ago and Piper will help me decorate today. All the decorations are out but I will have them put away by the 1st of January. I like to start the new year with a clean slate and that means all decor simplified.
    Blessings and hugs,

  4. I would be tempted to leave those little sweaters up all year after all that work! Mystery KALs are not for me. I'm a slow knitter so I want to know that the time and $$ I'm going to invest in knitting are well spent. That hat looks ... interesting. It looks like you knit a slightly crazy pattern very well. The finished hat wouldn't even make a good tea cozy!

  5. That hat that you made years ago is absolutely hideous! (I can say that because you already stated it was hideous.) What a disappointment. Your advent sweaters are just awesome and I would keep all 24 of them up until the Christmas decorations were put away.

  6. I tend to be wary of mystery "alongs" as well - I like to know what I'm spending my time ont!

  7. Love, love those adorable sweaters, so darn cute! What a wonderful, accomplishment!
    Happy December, Virginia
    What’s up with that hat?