Saturday, December 30, 2023

A Couple of Old Friends


Guess who made a it back into the living area? She was covered in dust and cat hair and needed a good cleaning but LOOMEY'S BACK!

I still hate this draft. I even hate the colors but I'm happy to have something to work on. 

I want to make quick work of that awful towel which means I should be warping something else but my poor warping board has been It makes a nice bag rack. 

Before the stuff all hit the fan with The Mister's knee surgery I was planning on doing something with these. I'll have to figure something out because it is NOT going to be a repeat of the draft I'm working on now which is what I planned. first (and not so pretty) attempt at Persephone's Kiss popped out of the mold on November 6th so it's time to start testing soap. 

Boy, do I have a lot of soap. If I test one of the ugly ends a day, I will be done in 18 days because I made 18 LOAVES. I really went crazy. That means you can start looking for a giveaway around the 20th of January. I was feeling sorta let down after a blah Christmas but now I have something to look forward to. I just LOVE wrapping soap.


  1. Good Morning from WA! Thanks for the reminder to get busy on some "old" projects. So glad you got your loom out! And your soaps are great-as usual! Happy New Year!

  2. Yay for soap! I can’t wait till the 20th! It’s so kind of you to give these away, I always feel like I’m taking advantage of you. But I love the soap!

  3. I cannot believe that you hate the project you are weaving. It looks beautiful on my screen! That is an awesome array of soap. I think I would feel very smug if I had accomplished making all that soap.

  4. Pretty, pretty soap. I like the colors for the new towel too. I can hear how relieved you are at the idea of using. your loom again.

  5. I'll bet it smells really good while you wrap them all up.

  6. You are so multi-craftual! I do like seeing Loomey and what you are weaving but you probably will be happier weaving something you enjoy more. (But I guess that would involve using your warping board to warp, too.) I think that Persephone's Kiss soap is pretty!