Sunday, December 10, 2023



The only thing I had on my agenda yesterday was to get into the sewing room and clearing it out. It was an explosion of boxes and bags that needed sorting. I have a very bad habit of just tossing the bags from finished objects into a heap without cleaning them out. Yesterday I sorted everything. Now I'm ready for a new year of knitting projects. 

I did the same with all my stitching projects. I hadn't even gotten out my holiday ones. 

It was nice being in there again ALL BY MYSELF with the sunlight streaming on the table and the window cracked with a cool breeze. I could have spent all day in there puttering with my old WIPs.

It was so nice that I sat down and made a holiday grime catcher for one of my Christmas projects that didn't have one. I had almost finished it when Mr Ants in the Pants decided we had to go to the dump. We have trash pickup right in front of the house but he was itching to get out and do something so the rest of the morning was spent gathering and packing up trash and the recycling.

And....the best part of the day was Santa coming down the road behind us with his spectacular entourage last night. We can just see him through our woods. I get wildly excited about this every year. 


  1. Santa! So it is officially the holiday season. :-)
    I'm glad that you were able to spend some time in your sewing room. I do understand getting all of the project bags cleared out and ready for new projects. Good for you!

  2. Thank goodness for the quiet time puttering and cleaning out! You are all set for some new stitching!