Sunday, December 3, 2023

Light Up the Town


Friday night was cold and rainy but we had a parade to go to. 

It was the official lighting of the town for the holidays. In spite of the rain folks went all out with their floats. 

This year's theme was Christmas at the Movies and there were a lot of Grinches riding by. 

There was a marching band, a chorus, baton twirlers and........The Mandelorian? I just had to yell "this is the way" to him and he rewarded me with a pose. 

For the grand finale Santa rode in on a very loud fire truck. Pup was not amused. 

Santa had the honor of throwing the switch on the tree. 

The tree is okay but it's the pier I look forward to being lit every year. I think it's so pretty. We would have walked out there but we were cold, wet and very hungry.  Two hours of standing in the rain with an unhappy dog shouldn't have been much fun-but somehow it was. 


  1. The pier is pretty and you deserve a reward for standing so long in the cold rain. Our town's parade was last night but it just didn't live up to the year that Santa arrived on a towed jet boat from a local rental place. They weren't very cautious about the boat spewing flames because they melted overhanging electric wires and set fire to several tree branches.

  2. Zoey wouldn't have appreciated teh firetruck either. The pier looks like it's really pretty though. I love tree lighting ceremony's but we don't go very often because we're usually home at night.

  3. how nice to enjoy the annual lighting up and the parade! "It is the way!"--good for you!

  4. Some things are worth standing in the cold. A parade always ticks that box for me.

  5. I think the lights are my favourite part of the season!