Friday, December 8, 2023

Lights Out


Just as I was getting up at 5 am to have some serious knitting time in the quiet the lights went out. We lost power for about an hour. No power, no devices but I did have my little radio to keep me company. I also had my neck lamp so I was back in business after the initial shock of it. 

When the sun came up I did a little spinning. You can see Pup in the background raising her objections. She HATES the wheel.  

I really want to get this fiber off the wheel. I missed the MDSW because of The Mister's hip and the Shenandoah Fest because of his knee so my fiber stash is a little bleak at the moment. I think I need to treat myself to something more interesting than this. It feels like it's going to be a long winter and spinning has always been my meditation. 


  1. That is a pretty colorway on the wheel. I do miss my wheel, but I think Zoey would be too much like Pup even if my back cooperated. :-)
    Blessings and hugs,

  2. Go for it!! Some new fiber sounds perfect.

  3. An hour without power is just enough! An acquisition of new fiber that you love may go a long way toward the survival and happiness of everyone in your house this winter.

  4. Looking at your spinning makes me want to go into the closet and pull out some of Mom's handspun to knit!

  5. Our power went out last week and I was stuck cuz I didn't print the sweater pattern I am working on but chose to access it online and I couldn't get it without the 'net!!!! Bummer! Glad you could spin! The fiber looks good!