Wednesday, December 6, 2023



I didn't expect to be making fruitcake yesterday morning but here it is. I didn't have all the ingredients so I had to make do with what I had. Instead of orange juice I drained a can of fruit cocktail that was in pear juice and used that. Instead of rum, I had brandy. I didn't have the current jelly I use for glazing so I used marmalade. Now my little loaves are all soaked in booze, wrapped tightly and tucked away in a tin until Christmas Eve. 

The Mister and I have been improvising the paper for his cards because the paper we ordered for them just showed up yesterday. I have a huge stash of holiday themed paper for wrapping soap so it wasn't really too much of an issue but it is nice to have what I had ordered. 

We set up an assembly line yesterday and had all of his done. I will start mine as soon as I catch my breath and clean up his mess. Compared to other years these are fairly simple but with everything going on it's a miracle these even got done. 

After finishing his cards, he started his first fire in the stove yesterday. It wasn't particularly cold but since his surgery he feels cold all the time which is worrisome. It was like an oven down there.  As for that procedure, since some of you asked, it is not surgery. They put him to sleep and them bend that knee to where they want it. Something very painful, they say. Then he has therapy EVERY DAY until they decide if it's staying where they want it. Another adventure for sure. 

And....Valerie was showing off her fabulous barn quilt thingy yesterday and it made me think about all the ones I see around town. On Pup's walk yesterday I ran into this one outside the oyster beds. I think I must have seen this one a million times but I never really stopped to think about it. Someone had to design it, paint it and then hang it up. Cool. 


  1. Those painted quilts are so cool We have them around here too. I love Vals with the cats. She's like you, multi-talented. Me? I barely knit and crochet the basics. No fairaisle for me. Wish I lived closer to you so you could teach me.
    I'm sorry about The Mister, but glad there's no more surgery. Now that you mention it, Dennis is really cold since his second surgery last month too. Maybe it's our age or the anesthesia or something?
    The fruitcake and cards both look great. I think you used some great substitutes in the recipe.
    Blessings and love,

  2. I do hope your husband can get his knee (and sense of temperature) back to a place where you're both comfortable. Reading about the procedure kind of made me uncomfortable so I really hope it doesn't come to that. It sounds more like torture than a procedure. But keep improvising; those fruitcakes may be your best ones yet!

  3. Good wishes to the Mister.

    The fruitcake sounds delicious.

    We haven't done a fire in our wood burner yet, but I've been sorely tempted.

  4. Getting the cards done is a huge accomplishment! The sign is so very pretty!

  5. I said ow out loud. I love the cards!!

  6. Your fruitcakes look delicious!!! You may decide that you like your improvised recipe better than the original. The Christmas cards look so cheerful and happy.

  7. Oh now I want fruitcake! Love the trail quilt!