Sunday, December 17, 2023

To Tree or Not to Tree?


I usually put up my tree on my birthday but this year I've been under the weather so it's the last thing I feel like doing. Think week-long UTI with all the other ugly stuff that happens "down there" when you get like that-only this is a chronic IC condition and not actually an infection so there is no cure. I have to just wait out the flare and it's been a nasty one and I haven't exactly been in a holly jolly mood. I've been sitting on my sitz bath thinking about trees but not doing anything about it. That is my Ikea "toilet brush" tree up there. It's the one I've been putting up since we were adopted by the feral family 12 years ago. All soft stuff.  I could dig it out and put it up again when I feel better or......

....I could put up my vintage pom pom tree with all my glass ornaments this year. The kitties are old and slow now. I don't think they would care at all. 

Or how about this one? I put it up in 2020. It's my pandemic tree made from all the paper products I could hoard. We had just ripped the kitchen out before the lockdown and almost a year later I was still without one. I was really in no mood to celebrate anything that year. Those were some rough days.

Or I could just skip the whole tree thing. I don't think The Mister would even notice.

Speaking of The Mister, it wasn't much of a birthday, me being sick and all, but he did surprise me with this. Every day that I was out there hauling wood I was whining about not having a way to have fun with it myself. Now I do. When I'm back on my feet I'll be a regular firebug..

And....I have to thank Sandflies for a perfectly timed holiday care package. It showed up yesterday in the middle of my birthday funk. Maybe all my plans did get ruined but there was no lack of surprises!


  1. I had never heard of IC until our daughter developed it in conjunction with endometriosis which has impacted her bladder. It sounds really horrid, you have my sympathy and I hope you feel better soon (she's currently having a flare as well...)

  2. I had to look up IC.... and now I have to call my dr, because that sound A LOT like something I've been experiencing for the last couple of year - I do have suspected endometriosis, so the Dr thought it might be related to the endo... but this seem more bang on the money.

    I hope your flare up ends soon and you can find your Christmas cheer.

  3. I hope you recover soon and can enjoy your warm and delicious birthday surprises!

  4. Those stove things are becoming very popular! Let us know how you like it!

  5. I'm so sorry to hear that you've been down again. Hope things get better for you really soon. I like ALL of your trees! We have a small table top solo stove we use for camping and love it.
    Happy Birthday again, late.

  6. Oh, I do want to send you a gentle hug for the IC flare-up!!!! I have a best friend who suffers from this! Hoping this week will give you some relief! My vote is for the pom-pom tree--it's beautiful! I laughed at your TP tree--I so remember that one!