Wednesday, December 13, 2023

The Waiting is the Hardest Part


There's a lot of words in this post and not a lot of photos because the main character, those needles up there, are not actually here but they do have a story to tell.

I ordered them last week for a stealth project and they were supposed to be here Saturday.  My Echo, Alexa, told me they were on the way. I can follow the truck with their tracking so I could see they were close. So when the Amazon truck came down the driveway I ran out all excited because I really, really need them. As I went out the door the truck was backing up our steep driveway and away it went. No needles. Anywhere. But in the middle of the driveway near the top was a big box. A big squished Amazon box that the truck had run over. It was not addressed to me. 

I went up and rescued it with no hope for what might have been inside. It was smashed in a way I could see what was in it. Inside was this guy staring up at me:

It's a big stuffy tree topper and was in perfect shape still in the plastic package. The address was for someone in the next development so The Mister and I jumped in the car to take it over. A very old, very feeble man answered the door and was very confused but grateful that we had brought it over. 

This would have been the end of the story but as we drove out of the development the Amazon truck was driving towards us at great speed and as he passed by we could see that THE SIDE DOOR OF THE VAN WAS OPEN. That's how the package must have fallen out in our driveway and gotten run over. 

Back at home Alexa told me that my needles were no longer on the way-the were DELAYED. You know my needles are laying out there somewhere along the highway because THEY FELL OUT OF THE TRUCK and the driver couldn't find them. 

I'm still waiting for those needles. 


  1. Oh no!
    The cost of someone trying to save a few seconds!
    It was great that you brought the gnome to its proper home. Perhaps some kind soul will deliver your needles too!

  2. I can completely sympathize! I think that knitting needles should be put on some kind of Amazon super-priority list so they are received within a couple of hours. My husband ran out of pH paper and gloves so I ordered them and had them within four hours. I hope your needles are not delayed for long!

  3. This is a great story of a rescue and a happy, if confused, delivery. :-) I agree, your needles are out there, laying along some roadway, or found by someone who doesn't understand the HIGH priority of knitting needles. Not having them delivered means frustration and delays unimaginable. Oh, if all the world were knitters and then they would understand.

  4. I had a notice a few weeks ago that my pkg (yarn from Hobbii) was here but it wasn't! I went to the PO and they said they delivered it! How can you argue with 'the computer says...!?' So I gave it up for lost. 2 weeks later it showed up! I was so happy but very confused! Hoping your needles show up soon! I always self-deliver mis-delivered pkgs, too, but not everyone does!

  5. Cute tree topper — even if it wasn’t your order. I’ve had to deliver a few packages that mistakenly found their way to my apartment. I hope your needles arrive soon.

  6. Oh geeze - what PITA. Hope they show up soon.

  7. Oh no! We've made some complaint to Amazon about their drivers, driving like absolute MANIACS down our road (not a main road, a short, narrow residential road with sidewalk on only one side). I don't know if it makes a difference, because the drivers seem to be getting worse!