Tuesday, December 5, 2023

On the Road


I had to climb out of what felt like my death bed yesterday morning to get The Mister to his surgeon's for a check up. By the time I shook off all the sleepy, thank goodness, that monster headache was gone. The doctor's visit did NOT go well. The knee is not doing what it is supposed to. The Mister is scheduled for another procedure in January if he can't get it right through therapy by then. He's NOT happy. I'm not happy either. He still can't drive so I have to haul him everywhere. The doc gave him a super duper pain killer, an anti-inflammatory and a steroid. This should be fun. I spent hours in the car waiting with Pup and I am happy to say that Riddari does indeed make good car knitting. That sleeve is almost done. 

After the Doctor's visit we had a grocery pick up and I did NOT get any of the stuff I needed to make some last minute fruitcake. We went straight over to The Mister's noon therapy session and afterwards we stopped by our little Mom and Pop grocer and they had just what I needed. I guess making fruitcake is back on the list for today. 

We left the house at 9 and got home at 3. It was a long day. Poor Pup got walked to death. She was out like a light for the rest of the evening. So was The Mister. No card making yesterday.  I did get the Santa puzzle started in the quiet. We've been putting this together every year since 1995. I've even got a back up that I found on Ebay a few years ago. It's the one holiday non-negotiable-and I'm off to a very good start.

As for Tiny Needle Tuesday, I did get all the green fill done. Gobble Gob is now packed away until next fall while I work on........

....last year's winter start: Llama Lump. Believe it or not I have MORE green fill to do on this one. Is there no end?


  1. First of all, congratulations on so much of the sleeve done and I forgot all about the Llama lump. I love it. Llama's are one of my favorite animals, (for their yarn of course.) I also love alpaca's because their yarn is so, so, so soft. Especially baby alpaca.
    No for the not so great. I'm so sorry for The Mister and for you. That knee should have been about healed and now another procedure? It's like Dennis's hand. He's still wearing his brace and has at least until January 2 to go. That's his next surgeon appointment. The good thing is that he can touch his fingertips to his thumb now. He hasn't done that since the fall in June!
    Do they have to redo the entire surgery for The Mister like they did for Dennis? Oh, I hope not. I'll be praying for both of you.
    Blessings and hugs,

  2. I am sorry to hear about your husband's knee. Fingers crossed that therapy and super-duper drugs work their magic in December and he does not need another procedure in January. That puzzle is a charming tradition and I love that you've even got a back up. Happy fruitcaking!

  3. Now that is sobering news from the dr. I hope things improve so there will not be another procedure in January!!!!! The llama stitching is so much fun!

  4. Not that I need any more patterns, but I think I have to get Llama Lump.

  5. Sorry to hear about Mister's set back. Hopefully therapy will do the trick!

    Your fruit cake bits have me thinking - I haven't been able to find a good jarred mincemeat since the start of the pandemic (the brand I loved stopped making it). Maybe I should try to make it from scratch....

    Love the gobbles and the llamas! I'm not doing any cross stitching thinking about what I will start

  6. Sure hope the therapy will get the problem with the knee resolved and no additional procedure will be required. I think I am one of the few people who love fruitcake. I have never made one and hope yours is delicious.

  7. Sorry to hear about Mister's knee. Sending good vibes for the PT to do its thing.

    Llama Lump needs a cuter name than Lump. LOL