Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Tiny Needle Tuesday

The only one of my projects that saw any love this week was this old one. It was downstairs and needed a good dusting and organizing so I sat down with it for a very few minutes to put a few rows into those never ending white clouds behind the sails. What I did do this week is go on a mini buying spree for stitching stuff. 

I was looking for monk's cloth for the sheep rug hooking project when Amazon suggested I might like to have these and I did. I couldn't resist. I am a tiny scissor junkie. I love them. 

I am only a few stitches away from finishing the lump on the pile of Llamas I am working on but I'm not feeling all those snowflakes and pine tress with spring busting out all over so as soon as I get that lump finished I'm packing it away until next winter and starting the Cow Pile that just showed up. How cute is that? This pattern has been out of stock every time I've tried to buy it so as soon as I saw it was available it jumped in my cart.

The last stitchy thing that showed up this week is this pretty luna moth needle minder. I saw it on Etsy but they were asking a fortune to ship it here from Australia. I found it on Amazon for it's original price and free shipping so of course it had to be mine even though it wasn't cheap. 

And.......The Mister finally found the cake mix he's been looking for ever since I made him watch Arne and Carlos try to make the banana version on YouTube a few weeks ago. It was a hilarious episode that resulted in a rather dubious looking cake but all the same cake is cake and they declared it delicious. We'll see. 


  1. Very nice stash acquisitions! Those scissors are so pretty. I'm a tiny scissor junkie too!

  2. Just look at all of those goodies! The cow pile is so cute. I wish I had a place to display more cross-stitch. I would probably go crazy making them. I'm the same way with little scissors. I love them all. But the ones I use the most are the childrens blunt tipped little ones. I have them in all of my project bags becaue they are the ones that are allowed on airplanes. :-)
    Blessings and hugs,

  3. Cow Pile is cute: it should be a fun one to stitch. Dolly Parton cake mix and frosting? I had no idea!

  4. I too love tiny scissors, but only if they are sharp! I have a small blue plastic pair I use for cross-stitching and another fancy victorian-style pair I keep at my sewing machine. They are so sharp and I love them.
    My unicorn scissors from Hobbii were a big disappointment - they are pretty, but they are duller than a well-used pair of children's safety scissors.

    Love your luna moth needle minder! Whenever I find something I like on Etsy/Facebook ad, I almost always check Ebay or Amazon to see if I can get it cheaper/better shipping. So much of the stuff on Etsy is coming from China/Overseas now... it's not the handmade marketplace it use to be.

  5. Tiny scissors are the best, aren't they? Love your stitching. I might actually do some soon.

  6. The cow pile will go great on the wall by the llump of llamas! Fun stitching and the needle minder is gorgeous!