Monday, February 27, 2023

A Whole Heap of Sheep


The kit that I bought with the punch needle thingy is the cutest thing ever but it's small. Really, really small so.....

...while I was downstairs hiding from the wind yet again on Friday I made a bigger sheep templete using the original design so I could........ the whole pattern on a big piece of monk's cloth so......

....when I finish Rainbow Kitty I'll have something else to work on. I am closing in on the third corner....

....and having a good ole time making strips out of wool which is my favorite part of the whole process. Wool just cuts so nicely. 

Of course, Spiral Chicken might have something to say about all those sheep. I do believe she feels she is the next in line to be finished-and she just might be right. I'd forgotten how darn cute she is.


  1. Fun to see Rainbow Kitty so close to the finish line!

  2. Yes, do the chicken next! What fun to have plans for more. You are right, the wool cuts so satisfactorily!

  3. I’d forgotten about Spiral Chicken. She’s been very patient and deserves her place n the spotlight.

  4. While I love your new pattern, I am so happy that Rainbow Kitty is approaching the finish line. It sounds like it will be completed and not put away. I love Rainbow Kitty!

  5. I have never heard of punch needle embroidery, it looks like fun. Your kits are all delightful.

  6. Doesn't it feel great to be close to another finish? Way to go!

  7. Rainbow Kitty will soon be done! I think you may have been working on it when I first found your blog but I'm not sure. I had forgotten about Spiral Chicken so I guess it will her her turn next but you know me and sheep. I'll be anxiously awaiting progress on those wooly babies. :-)
    Blessings and hugs,