Wednesday, February 8, 2023



The battle of the bathroom continues. We've been working on the ceiling installing a new light and it didn't go well. After getting the new fixture up we realized that it does not cover the ring of stucco that was left when I scraped all that textured goo off all the ceilings when we first moved in. That bit was under the old light so now I have to take the new fixture back out and either scrape it off or install a medallion. No fun there. 

After that disappointing morning I did find something fun in the mailbox. This is the mailer it arrived in. Imagine opening your mailbox and finding this pretty thing inside. I was tickled pink.

I knew what it was. It was sock yarn that I had been looking for ever since I made.......

....these two years ago. I wear these all the time and have been kicking myself for not buying the black striped version when I had the chance. After searching forever I found some out in California at an online shop called Heartstrings Yarn. I know you just saw my sock yarn stash and I know what you're thinking but I really, really wanted this yarn. At my age it gets harder and harder to deny yourself anything because time and numbers just don't work in your favor anymore. 


  1. That is the BEST packaging!! And pretty yarn too.

  2. You've got that exactly right. My dr. is always on me to watch my weight. Well, I've been the same weight for over 30 years and I'm not about to start dieting at my age. If I want the donut, I'm going to eat it. OR the yarn!

  3. Nice work in finding that sock yarn. With that packaging I expected to see quilt fabric. What a nice surprise!

  4. Absolutely nothing wrong with indulging yourself from time to time! Enjoy the yarn

  5. Rotten to have to do more work on the ceiling but the yarn is just too fun! Have a good knit with it!