Monday, February 20, 2023

The Last of It


I know I said that yesterday's batch was the last of the soap making adventure but when I went to clean up the room I noticed that I had exactly 2.89 ounces of lye left in the container and that's just what I needed to make another 32 ounce I did. 

It really is a kitchen sink batch because I tried to use up every thing I had that I was running low on. I call it Apple Butter because I used all those fancy butters up and a new apple fragrance that I was saving until fall. If I want to I can just keep these bars until fall-or not. Soap is soap. 

The Honey Butter soap looks promising. I'm actually kind of glad I have one more loaf to go. I really look forward to getting up in the morning and seeing what the soap did overnight.

In addition to making soap yesterday, I did get the placemat tops finished. I also made one little hot pad and will most likely make another one before I pack all the sewing stuff back in the soap room today. 

And......for those of you getting ready for Winter Storm Olive, here's what's going on down this way. We may even hit 80 this week. It's just so darn weird....I hate to think what March might bring.


  1. 80? Thanks nutso! But those daffy's are so pretty. So is your soap and the quilting too. You've been busy again this weekend.

  2. Now I have to look up storm Olive - I had not heard of it. Your daffodils are gorgeous, but it is awful early....

  3. We have very warm temps, too, and it is hard to imagine a snow storm! The newest soap is so pretty! Great job on the placemats!

  4. Oh those daffodils!!! They make my heart sing!
    We are above freezing right now, but there's a possible ice storm by mid-week. I just hope the power doesn't go out. I don't want to listen to Dave complain!