Sunday, February 5, 2023

Boxed In


My Amazon solution for my sock yarn worked perfectly. I have two flat under bed storage bags that let me lay everything out in one layer so I can see what I have. They stack nicely on top of each other and slide under the bed perfectly. It's a win. 

Earlier in the week I had gotten a small shipment from Ikea that contained cardboard boxes for Chestnut and BonAmie. I was tired of always having to get up and go get the next color so now I have all their yarn in one place. I put the paper pattern on top of the extra yarn and keep the working yarn and the project on top to keep things untangled. Two wins. 

Since number 17 is finished and #18 has been cast on.... was time my Advent sweaters came out of their baggie and had a box of their own too. I have 24 patterns to keep track of plus all the sweaters and tiny hangers so they needed their own space. When they are finished I will transfer them into a Christmas box and use this Ikea box for something else. Another win. 

And....yesterday I got some questions about those sock reels. In case you didn't see my reply, here is the info.

It was a Knit Picks product and I can tell you that while it was fun to knit with the resulting socks were terrible. All the kinks in the yarn led to terrible tension issues. The resulting socks looked like moths had gotten to them even after blocking. I've knit with sock blanks before and never had this problem. I suppose you have to unreel it and somehow block out that yarn before you use it-but where was the fun in that? NOT a win. 


  1. What a great job you've done with the under the bed organizing!!!! Much easier to find the yarn you need each time!

  2. Thanks for the info. KP doesn't sell them anymore, just Hawthorne sock dye blanks.
    Love your storage solutions.

  3. I wonder if in TIME the socks will look better --- a few more soakings maybe?

    I love the idea of the under the bed bags. Good storage solution.

  4. Your underbed storage is genius, I need some of those!