Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Beep, Beep


We had quite the adventure last night. Around 7:00 just when we were just settling in, we heard a beeping. The Mister heard it downstairs and I heard it upstairs and we both swore it was the smoke detectors on our respective floors. We got out the ladders and examined each of them only making them beep more and more. It was a regular symphony of chirping and beeping all through the house. 

After trying everything we knew to stop the noise, The Mister got in the car and went down to the hardware store right before it closed to get new batteries. At $12 a pack it was a small fortune to change all the batteries in all the detectors but we were desperate to get that beeping stopped. It was driving us crazy. After changing the batteries we waited and.......THE BEEPING STARTED AGAIN. We searched the house with flashlights thinking we might have a smoke detector somewhere we had forgotten about. Then........

...I noticed the old carbon monoxide detector sitting on the workroom table and it was....beeping. 

I had unplugged it when I bought a new one last week and apparently it wasn't happy about being unplugged and was letting us know about it. That was the beeping we had originally heard before we got the smoke detectors all riled up by unplugging their batteries. They are apparently very testy about being bothered also. The really funny thing is that WE HAD THIS HAPPEN ONCE BEFORE. That very same detector was unplugged while we were painting a few years ago and we had gone through the same ridiculous scenario. You'd think we'd learn.

On a happier note, Monday's soap turned out very nicely. I don't want to jinx myself by getting too excited by it but I'm pleased with the colors and the Blackberry scent. 

Yesterday's pour was another new to me fragrance that calls itself Aroma Therapy. It's very woodsy and herbal. I used half of the amount of fragrance I usually use in soap which is a quarter of what the fragrance formulators recommend. I also had too much fun with the colors but I'll have to wait until tomorrow to see if it's another win. 


  1. That soap is gorgeous! I'll bet it smells great too. We did the same thing with the carbon monoxide detector at the house. It was so old it just stopped working completely even though it was plugged in. It just beeped and beeped. We checked every smoke alarm and couldn't figure out what was going on.

  2. Well, at least you now have PLENTY of 9-volts.

    I hear you on the price. We have 5 smoke, 3 CO2, and 2 waterflow alarms ........crazy, but necessary.

  3. Your soaps are looking pretty! I find that the older I get the less I can tolerate some scents and especially strong ones.

  4. Looks like that soap is a win! Beautiful artistry! I've had the same nonsense with smoke detectors--if the sound wasn't so annoying, it would be funnier! lol

  5. Glad you figured things out! Love your new soaps, too.

  6. Gorgeous colors in the Blackberry soap! The chirping is annoying, but I guess it has to be so it will wake people in an emergency. Thanks for the reminder that it’s probably time to replace the batteries in the detectors in my apartment.

  7. I know the drama of that infernal beeping all too well. One weekend I was away at Mom's apparently it happened to Dave. When I got home,I got an earful of "WHY DID YOU PUT THE CO DETECTOR IN A SPOT THAT'S SO HARD TO GET TO???"
    Because it was a plug we didn't need to use for other stuff - but apparently it took him over an hour at 3am to figure out what the heck was beeping! Lol.

    Of course, a similar thing happed to me a year later - because he MOVED the CO detector, and I didn't know where he moved it to - and I was having trouble following the beeping!

    At least there was pretty soap at the end of your ordeal!