Monday, February 13, 2023

Three Strikes


What you see here are three attempts at getting a non-rolling hem on the Riddari. As you can see it's not going well. The top band is actually two different attempts. First I used the slip stitch trick from MDK. Didn't work. Then I knit the end of that rolling hem into the work to see if that would tame it. Didn't work. 

You'd think I'd given up but here is try number 4. I'm going to just ignore the rolled hem/ribbing hybrid thing from the pattern and just knit a plain old ribbed hem. A big one. One that hopefully will stay where it belongs. I'm pretty darn tired of casting this thing on but I'm not ready to have it beat me yet. In fact, I'm obsessed. 


At least the Lemon soap looks promising. 

The White Tea and Pear did NOT play nicely however. It accelerated very quickly and it was very messy pour or should I say plop. I had to beat it on the floor so many times to settle the thick batter in the mold that The Mister had to come upstairs to see what the heck was going on. I can't wait to cut this one. It's going to be interesting. 


  1. Good luck with the knitting. A plain rib sounds like the right thing.

  2. I’m glad you’re not letting the ribbing defeat you! Even though the new techniques didn’t work, they are now in your skill set to use on other projects.

  3. You have more sticktotiveness than I would have. A plain rib sounds good to me too. And that soap looks beautiful to me. Thank you for the soap you sent me. You are an angel.

  4. The soap looks wonderful! I would love seeing how the "design" worked out and hate not being able to control it to get what I wanted.

  5. I often use a split hem when I can't get it to lay flat. I don't blame you for hanging in there!!!1

  6. I hope you can get your knitting to behave!