Friday, February 17, 2023

Friday Fluff


I've got two more skeins finished for the handspun Garter Squish project. 

I'm getting quite a collection of new colors to use when I start working on it again which will be when I finish the Musselburgh hat. I only need so many mindless projects on the go at a time. 

And........the Empress soap turned out exactly as I had hoped. That doesn't happen very often so it's a big win. It's the unpredictability of soap making that makes it so addictive but sometimes you just want what you want and I finally got it.

Yesterday's pour is the last of the smelly loaves. The next two loaves will be all natural unscented bars which are my favorites. When my box of new fragrances showed up I lined up all them all up and let The Mister pick out the ones he wanted me to make and this is the end of them. It's called Avalon and it smells like strawberries to me. I tried to do the same thing I did with Empress with this one but I might have botched the pour itself with the green but we'll see. It always something to look forward to in the morning.


  1. I would like one of each when ready to pick up.

  2. oh that yarn look so darn squishy!!!!
    I pulled out the sock project last night because I just didn't have the brain power to work on any lace.

  3. The spun yarn is so squishy--just right for your garter work!!! The soap is beautiful!

  4. The new skeins will look fantastic in the Squish Blanket!

  5. Squishy-squashy yarn and it's so pretty too. I think the soap is one of your prettiest too. Especially with the purple. I finished my sweater last night and started a baby blanket for one of our kids friends in England. We've met them a few times and they were really sweet so I thought I'd make them a blanket.

  6. I am in awe of your soap making, it all looks wonderful, so pretty.