Sunday, February 19, 2023

Good Intentions

Since the sewing/soap room is still a mess and I need to be making March placemats, I had no choice but to cart the sewing stuff out into the dining room. Although it's a pain to carry it all out, it's so much easier to sew when you have room to move around. I'm really enjoying the space. I'm going to hate moving it back into that little room.

My intention was to work on the St Patrick's Day placemats but what I really needed was a spring grime catcher for the Patchwork Printemps project so it got finished first. I'll work on those placemats today. 

And.....I'm happy with Friday's Oatmilk and Vanilla soap. It doesn't smell like vanilla but it doesn't exactly smell unscented either. It's very intriguing. I do like the little flecks of vanilla bean. It looks like expensive vanilla ice cream. 

Yesterday's pour is a concoction of my own that I'm going to call Honey Butter. It's got four types of butters-cocoa, shea, kokum and olive butter plus a good dose of honey mixed with some yogurt. I used the tiniest splash of my favorite honey fragrance oil. This is the last of it I am very sad to say. I am out of lye even though I am not out of ideas for concoctions but I suppose I'll just save those for when the soap shelves are empty again-in about 6 weeks.



  1. That grime catcher is such a great thing.
    I love vanilla. I usually buy vanilla fragrance for candles and air freshners.

  2. I like having a separate room for my sewing, though I do wish it was bigger!

  3. You sure are a talented soap maker! What pattern do you use for your placemats?

  4. I'm sorry to say I do not know what a grime catcher is! The space for sewing looks good--so do the soaps!