Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Tiny Needle Tuesday


Well look at that. I've got my stitching table back. It got a good scrubbing yesterday and I had a nice afternoon sorting out all the project I had packed up during Soap Week to see what was going on.

The new Patchwork Printemps got a few little blocks finished. 

I tried really hard to get all the green fill finished on the Llama Lump but ran out of steam. I'll get it next time. 

Ta da. The very last of the soap is cut and now up on the drying shelf with all its buddies. This one is Apple Butter but it doesn't smell at all like apple butter which I hate. It's a sweet apple smell without any hint of spice. Out of all the soap I made, this one is an outlier. It doesn't share the same recipe as the other loaves so I'm really looking forward to giving this one some time in the tub.

And......Judy wanted to know what pattern I am using for my placemats and it is this tutorial I found on YouTube from The Fat Quarter Shop. It's fast and easy and taught me a quick way to make 4 square blocks. The only thing I do differently is add a row of blocks down each side before the final border for some extra width. 


  1. Good for you in getting your table back. The soap looks great. I love the apple butter my Grandma used to make and put up in jars but not the stuff you buy in stores. Yuck.
    Those sweet stacked llama's are so cute. Can't wait to see that one finished.
    Blessings and hugs,

  2. Pretty stitching and pretty soap!

  3. Patchwork Printemps is so delicate and pretty.

  4. Llama Lump is adorable and Patchwork Printemps is sweet in those soft colors.

  5. Very nice stuff to keep you pleasantly occupied! I like the new soap!

  6. The stitches are wonderful and the new soap is pretty!