Friday, February 3, 2023

Deja Vu


Guess what we've been doing. 

I know when I said we were thinking about re-doing two of our bathrooms ya'll laughed but here we are...back at Lowe's looking at stuff like this. 

The tearing out is always fun. The putting back never is. 

So once again we are living in piles of rubble as we make our way through the process of re-doing the first of two bathrooms. 

It seems perfectly normal to be navigating around stuff like this and waiting for paint to dry. You'd think we'd seen enough molding after the stairway adventure but here we are. 

Time to get out my painting Crocs again and get to work. That bathroom won't paint itself. 
I would say as I always never ends-but this time we are getting closer. We're running out of rooms. 


  1. Thank God you are running out of rooms. You two must really enjoy this stuff...I would hire someone.

  2. You'll be all set when you are finally in your dotage! lol Good for you--get it done! My husband says he is done but the house still has two areas that really need to be overhauled. Sigh. Do it!

  3. If you have the skill, time, and patience than it’s good to surge ahead and finish the final rooms.

  4. our demo season is about to start back up. I'm not looking forward to it.

  5. You two are so ambitious! If you run out of rooms, you can always come here and we'll put you to work! ;>)