Thursday, February 23, 2023

Winter Lichen


Remember this? It's that aggravating towel I've been weaving-or not weaving. I've spent a lot of time ignoring it because it was a mess. The selvages were awful to deal with and the warp thread kept breaking. I also goofed up the pattern and left out some of the colors that were supposed to be in the weft. 

But it's done now. I finally got around to getting it off the loom. I've had quite enough. 

As awful as it was to deal with I have to admit it's a pretty little thing. It's the Winter Lichen draft from Handwoven.

It's all hemmed and ready for it's wet blocking. Then I can trim the ends off and put it to use just in time for all the March green things that I'll be pulling out. 

I want to try it again with modifications so I dug some more green out of the stash.

I can already see that I'm not going to get enough contrast between the light green and the white so I spent a ridiculous amount of time online shopping for 8/2 cotton in better colors with no luck. It was no fun at all. Nothing like buying sock yarn. 


  1. It did turn out beautifully.

    Hope you can find the colors you want for the next one.

  2. It sure looks pretty-even though it gave you grief, it is a beauty now!

  3. So pretty! Love that lichen towel.

  4. Pretty towel: I love the colors. Aren’t those clips the handiest things?

  5. I think the towel is beautiful. The threads are really pretty too. I just can't imagine where you store all of your craft supplies!

  6. Very pretty! It's fun to see your weaving projects.