Thursday, February 9, 2023

The Waiting Game


We thought we might be crossing the finish line in the bathroom yesterday but realized as soon as we slid the new vanity in we had made a fatal error. We shouldn't have put the molding down behind where the vanity went because now the sink won't snug up to the wall. So instead of hooking up the plumbing we spent yesterday waiting for a tool to come that would cut the molding so we didn't have to yank it all back up. That was a rookie mistake for sure but it gave me a day off....... I could measure out some butters and oils....

....and make some soap. The shipment of oils I had been waiting for showed up yesterday morning bright and early. Lucky me. 

I always start with some Plain Ole Goat soap to get my soap making mojo back. No color, no scent-no way anything can go wrong. 

I've got plenty of brand spanking new fragrances to play with so soap week will more than likely turn out to be more like soap month. 


  1. That's a whole lotta fragrance. Good luck with the bathroom!

  2. What a nice consolation prize--getting to make soap instead!!!!!!

  3. Your soap room and house are going to smell divine.