Saturday, February 11, 2023

Back in Black


I was in a fog all day Friday because I had stayed up pretty much all night fighting with Riddari. I had about 8 inches of the body finished when I couldn't ignore the fact that the hem was ROLLING AGAIN. I had just ripped it all back for the very same reason and thought I had solved the issue but I hadn't. I ripped that sucker back to the black colorwork section and then slowly tinked my way to the ribbing swearing up a storm the whole flipping time. I found yet another solution on MDK so I've going to give it one more go.  

Down in the bathroom The Mister is still doing battle with the plumbing. He's on his own here. He won't take suggestions so it's best to leave him to it until he figures it out or asks for help.

And....I'm also tackling issues in the soap room. I ran out of the disposable cups I usually use for my signature "Clyde Slide" way of adding color. Since it's better for the environment I switched to using these weird little pitchers that the soapers use and apparently there is a steep learning curve. My dump and run technique doesn't work when you only have a thin stream slowly pouring out into the mold. I've got some weird, thready things happening here that I don't particularly like.

Of course...instead of pulling back and re-assessing the issue I went full steam ahead and tried a whole lot of colors with this tropical fragrance after The Mister criticized the rather homely Oatmeal and Honey bars. I'm pretty sure I turned the whole thing into a muddy mess but I'll have to wait until tomorrow to see.


  1. I'd rather be making muddy soap than working with plumbing any day!!!! lol The soap will look great!

  2. Fun to see your soap making again. Hope that crazy sweater cooperates this time!