Friday, February 24, 2023

Friday Fluff and a Trip to the Frog Pond


Since The Mister had somewhere to go yesterday and the weather was still oddly warm, I took advantage and drug the carding stuff onto the deck to get some batts made. 

I've been spinning this California Red for a while now from this fiber in hopes of turning them into some thick Croc socks for next winter. I sure didn't need them this winter. 

I had this carded fluff all ready to go so..... no time I had four batts made. 

The fiber I have left to card is pretty pitiful but I may squeeze another batt or two out of it if I need it but that was for another day. Hopefully we'll have a few more nice days before the mosquitoes show up in force. I've already had my first bite of the year a few days ago and I am happy to say I killed that sucker dead, dead, dead. The nerve. 

Right now I am concentrating on getting the spinning done for the Garter Squish so I packed up those batts to spin during the Tour. I hope I remember where I put them. I do tend to lose stuff like this. for that trip to the frog pond-this monstrosity is now history. Holding handspun double is a BAD idea. I HATED working on it. I couldn't imagine slogging through a second sock so I killed it dead too. My other projects better watch out. I sense a theme here. 


  1. Beautiful batts!
    Sometimes, a good purge is just what's needed

  2. Such pretty colors here! I expected to see bugs yesterday during my walk or sitting on the patio later. Luckily none showed up that I saw.

  3. Ooooh! That fluffy, floofy goodness is begging to be spun. Never have I wished for my spinning wheel back as much as I did this morning looking at your batts of floofiness. So pretty.
    Sorry about the handspun socks. All of that work.
    The weather is insane. It's -6F outside here right now. Tomorrow is supposed to be 50F.
    Blessings and hugs,

  4. I think I would have frogged too. That yarn looks hard to knit up. It was pretty in a ragg-style way.

  5. The batts look soft. I love the color combinations

  6. Nice work! I wish we lived closer so I could watch you spin, and maybe learn how to do that.

  7. What a beautiful way to spend a good day-outside with wool! Looks like the batts are so inviting!