Wednesday, March 1, 2023



A new month, a new season and I've got something new to play with. Daughter sent me a Knit Picks gift certificate for Christmas and I turned it into a box of yarn.

The Felici's purpose is obvious but all the rest of the yarn is for this. It's Kelly's Ski Sweater and even though I swore I would NEVER make another Norwegian Style sweater again I love wearing my Lofoten sweater which is very similar to this one and also a Knit Picks design. 

I know what you're thinking. I already have THREE sweaters in progress. These two I don't consider sweaters but works of art. They are such a joy to work on that I don't really care if they ever get done. 

Riddari on the other hand is a sweater I want to wear but it's been a nightmare. I am just past the end of the dreaded ribbing for the FOURTH time and I'm afraid to go on. I just know it's going to flip again. There is one last resort that I've seen people try-knitting the pattern from the top down so you can rip that ribbing back as much as you like in order to get it to lie down. I'm not sure if I can wrap my head around it but I just may have to try. 


  1. That ski sweater will be so pretty and I love the color of the Felici yarn - nice choice!!

  2. A yarn box from Knit Picks!! Definitely Christmas-time. The new sweater will be lovely and your two works of art sweaters numb my brain just looking at them. We won't even discuss knitting them!

  3. The new sweater is beautiful, and I have no doubt that you’ll master it in no time.

  4. Nothing like a box of yarn to make your heart sing! The new sweater will be fun to work on-the ribbing is finally going to be fine on the Ridarri!