Saturday, March 11, 2023

Installation Blues

We were back to work in the bathroom yesterday. We had electrical stuff to do first. I hold the flashlight while The Mister plays with the wires. We changed out all the old outlets. It's pretty boring. I like tearing stuff out much more than I like putting stuff back. 

We also put up a new overhead light. It's the same one we have in the hall so there were no surprises other than the fact that we forgot to buy any light bulbs that fit. 

We got the new toilet installed but it took a second trip of the day to the hardware store to get the right length water hose. We are going to tackle the sink and wall cabinets today. I'm dreading it. 

And.......I got a question about the puzzle I'm working on. It's Bethesda Fountain from Galison's Micheal Storrings collection which I love. I get them from Amazon. If I survive this 1000 piecer I just might buy another one. I've had my eye on the London one. 


  1. Oh, just look at the progress!!! It's going to be done by surgery time! Wonderful for both of you!

  2. Oh how I feel your pain. When we did the livingroom and Dave's studio, we took out thin 1/4" paneling, and put in 1/2" drywall, which meant EVERY outlet and switch had to brought forward to the depth of the drywall. It wasn't hard, but it was tedious, and added time to the job we didn't think of!

  3. Nice work! Can't wait to see the finish. That looks like a very challenging puzzle.

  4. Lights, outlets and a toilet. You two are making great progress. I know you'll have it done long before surgery time.