Sunday, March 19, 2023

A Light in the Attic


Guess what we did on Friday. We had space left in the dumpster so The Mister insisted upon emptying the attic. I was totally against this move because attics are icky. I'm of the mind that you just burn it all down with the house when you've had enough of it all. The Mister didn't see it my way so he started pulling stuff out and handing it to me to take out front. 

Most of the junk went straight to the dumpster but a few boxes held things that couldn't be parted with. Daughter's American Girl dolls got a good bath and hair washing and spent the day in the sunshine. She's been asking me for them for ages but I wasn't going up to get them. I avoid the attic at all cost. 

Their clothes went straight into the laundry and then I had too much fun dressing them. Look at Pup behind them. She was ticked off that I was sitting on the floor playing with dolls when I should have been making dinner. Too bad. We had spent all day running up and down stairs, in and out and I was going to sit and play whether she liked it or not. 

They weren't the only dolls I found up there. Ladies of a certain age might recognize this one. 

Before I cut off her hair and painted her face she was a 1963 Charmin' Chatty and looked like this. She was the only doll I ever asked my parents for when I was a kid.  You stick a record in her side, pull her string and she talks to you. Not anymore, poor old thing. 

Then there was artwork. Mine. I painted this when I was in my first year of college for some art class.....

....but my favorite find was an old book about dogs that I had kept through the years because apparently I had used it as an art journal. It holds some of my best work. Lol.

You have to admit that my ballerina is pretty good for a 3 or 4 year old. 

What had me doing a happy dance in the front yard was finding these. Many years ago we had an attic purge when mice got up there and ate everything. We just tossed it all without looking and I assumed that my old stitching projects were gone. They weren't. They got a good wash and when they are dry we'll take a look at them.

And......the thing that tickled me the most was finding this. This belonged to my step-grandfather. It sat on his bar and I was fascinated by it when I was a kid. It was filled with wine that is long gone.  I didn't even remember I had it but she's got a place of honor now. She's right at home among all the other junk I can't part with. 


  1. Looks like your attic was full of treasure!

  2. How lovely to find your stitching pieces :) And I prefer playing with dolls over making dinner any day of the week!

  3. Fun discoveries! I’m glad you found your previous stitching projects.

  4. What good finds from a dreaded attic clean-out! The found stitchings is something I look forward to viewing!

  5. It was a veritable treasure hunt and you found the treasures! I can't wait to see your stitching projects. Everything is wonderful. I'm so happy for you.