Thursday, March 30, 2023

Spring Cleaning


The Mister's surgery day is fast approaching and we've got a giant list of things we have to accomplish before then. First up was getting rid of all the piles of tools and materials we had laying around from the bathroom re-dos. We have the very bad habit of starting a new job before we clean up the old job. As of today everything is put away since we will be taking a break through the summer while he recovers. We are far from done with this house re-doing stuff but the rest of it will keep until fall. 

After the clean up my goal was to set up a space for him to work on puzzles while he's recovering in hopes of keeping Mr. Ants in the Pants still. I bought him one of those fancy puzzle boards and a new puzzle to get him started.

At the other end of the table I set up his new diamond dots kits. 

He thought the kitty one I had bought earlier was too hard so I got him these. He's been grumbling about them but then he also grumbled about the paint by number kits I bought him last year. 

Now the man cave has it's own paint by number station where he spends the greater part of every day anymore. I'm not complaining. Anything he does that doesn't involve me is that much more time I get to spend doing stuff I want to do.'s been nine months now since Pup's hip surgery and she's finally learned how to get up the stairs with her bad leg. That's a huge relief for me since she's no lightweight and getting her up and down the stairs all day to take her out has been no fun. With The Mister out of commission soon that job would have all fallen on me and now.....thank goodness-she can finally get up on her own. Getting down is another thing-but I'll take all the help I can get. 


  1. Sounds like everything is falling into place for The Mister to have a nice recovery!

  2. It looks like you've done lots of preparation for after the surgery. Now you just wait till the day! I bought four diamond painting kits a couple of months ago. I still haven't started any. I have it all set up and ready to go but something is holding me back. I haven't got a clue why I haven't started them.

  3. Cool set-up for the Mister. I’m curious, is the new puzzle the same image as one of the paint by number projects? A break from renovations will be good for both of you.

    1. Good eyes! Yes it is. I didn't realize it when I bought it. Then it dawned on me where I had seen it before.

  4. I feel for you - trying to get Dave through something like that would be a nightmare too because he can't sit still!!!!

  5. By all means, put the tools away and savor the break from renovations! The Diamond Dotz will keep him pleasantly busy through his recovery!

  6. Sending good wishes for the Mister's surgery and recovery. Sounds like you have lots to keep him busy.