Sunday, March 5, 2023

Meeting a Deadline


My living area is once again a staging area but not for long. The Mister has been on a wait list for hip replacement and we got the call on Friday that it will be April 26. Unbelievably to me, who has been through several of these surgeries in years past with dear Daddio, it's now outpatient surgery with visiting nurses to get you through the recovery period. I have to have a home inspection to make sure everything is safe for the post-op so we've got to get a move on getting that bathroom finished and this house cleared out of remodeling junk. 

Thank goodness we are only doing a refresh on The Mister's bathroom. We are just replacing the old cabinetry and changing out the toilet for one of those chair height ones so it should be quick work after I get it painted which will be tomorrow. We are ripping it all out today. Over the next few weeks we have rounds of doctor's visits for tests and believe it or not they are already starting the process for his knee replacements. Due to insurance reasons he has to go through a lot of pre-surgery therapies to make sure surgery is the only solution for his knees. Jeesh...So it looks like I'm going to have to put my nurse hat back on and after what I went through with Dad for all those years, I'm not looking forward to it. 

And...if you remember, when Pup had her hip surgery last year, the Veterinary hospital at least kept her overnight for observation and pain control. They don't even do that for humans anymore? I'm still in shock over that. 


  1. Isn't it amazing? I think it's because of the insurance companies. My friend Nita in Spokane has had both hips replaced and her knee was replaced in January this year. She said the hips were much, much easier. My best friend Jenny had her hip replaced two years ago and I sat with her while she recovered at home. Neither of them spent the night in the hospital. Nita is almost 80 and Jenny is 65. Even my pacemaker surgery was supposed to be outpatient, but since I had complications I was there several nights.
    I hope you take care and don't get too carried away with the bathroom. Be careful my friend.

  2. I’m in shock that it’s outpatient ! I had it done a year ago and I stayed one night and thought I should stay one more night. But one does sleep better at home. It’s just one thing after another for you though, isn’t it.

  3. At least you will be able to hustle and get the bathroom finished in time for his recovery time!
    Too much fun!

  4. Wow - that surprises me too! Sending lots of good bathroom redo, and easy surgery vibes!

  5. According to my sister who had one hip replaced a long time ago, and the other one a few years ago, the procedure is much improved. Hope your DH's surgery goes well and he heals quickly! Hugs from WA!