Saturday, March 4, 2023

Field Trip


Our pick up order came in yesterday as expected so off we went on the long trek to Lowe's to get our stuff. Pup was not amused. We spent the day before driving back and forth for our grocery pickup because for some reason or other we discovered back at home that the wrong groceries were put in our car (!). We had to laugh because it was a very frazzled store manager who was filing in for our usual pick up ladies. It was the first time in three years that we had a mix up but you can bet we'll be checking the names on the bags before we drive away from now on. 

I was hoping to spend some time in the nursery section of Lowe's but the only thing there were pansies. Lots and lots of them. I guess it's really too early for anything else.

While we were there we visited the Pet Smart next door and stocked up on kibble. Since I discovered Chewy I haven't been in a Pet Smart in ages and it was nice to wander the aisles. They've got some mighty pricey pet food out there. I was in sticker shock.

I got a little knitting done on the way up and back. Musselburgh is a good travel knit-minus those super sharp points on the circular. You could put an eye out. 


  1. I also love car rides for all of the knitting/crochet I can get done. We've been ordering from Chewy too. One time Mandy orders the kibble and the next I do. The girls eat the same food and it's cheaper to order a huge bag which would take them a long time to eat, so we share it. It's doesn't get stale that way. It has gotten more expensive though, even ordering from Chewy.
    Take care Deb.

  2. Pet food has really sky-rocketed in price. The stuff I buy for the cats used to be around $25 for an 8 kilo bag. Now it's almost $40. Same with the litter. The big bucket used to be $20. Now it comes "on sale" at $30