Friday, March 24, 2023

Friday Fluff


I've come to the end of my 2 ounce mini spinning adventure for the Garter Squish. The last little turquoise skein was finished last week. I've got two empty wheels so I see a stash diving adventure in my near future. Spinning is my stress relief and the closer we get to The Mister's surgery the more I need to spin. Since he's doing the outpatient surgery center thing and not the hospital thing the responsibilities are piling up. I've been through this with dad many times so I know what I'm in for and I admit to being a bit unsure about it all even with the nursing help we're going to be getting before and after the big day. 

We've been working like crazy to get the house put back together. We're still dealing with the sink leak but we did get the molding down. I'm getting pretty good at it but I still hate it.

I've also been trying to make a dent in cleaning up the yard now that the piles of debris are gone. Florida friends and anyone who lives in milder climates, I need your help. This winter was so mild that all my outside furniture and decking turned green. Mold, fungus? I dunno what that stuff is.

I've been scrubbing it off of everything using white vinegar. Is there a better way? Getting it out of all the nooks and crannies has been a full time job. I'm planning on dragging out the power washer as soon as it gets warm enough.'s hard to believe but it's been six weeks since I popped all this soap out of the molds so that means it's time for testing. I've got 12 batches times 8 bars. That's a lot of soap. It's a good thing I only have to test one bar from each batch but that's still a lot of soap to get through. 



  1. Such a rainbow of colors - your garter squish will be a happy blanket! Hoping that all goes smoothly for The Mister.

  2. Seeing the bars of soap on your blog this morning reminded me that I forgot to thank you for the two beautiful bars you sent me months ago all the way to Canada. They are being well used and feel good on my skin. Julie

  3. You are a busy girl. The soap is beautiful. My favorite colors. The yarn is beautiful. It's spun so perfectly. The bathroom is coming along great too. As for the lawn furniture, what we found works great is something called "30-second cleaner." We always bought it at Walmart but I've seen it other places. You spray it on. We used a liquid fertilizer thingy and then we hosed or power washed it off. Mold and grime just washes away with no scrubbing. We used it on our camper awning at the lake and our deck at home mostly. Both would get that moldy, fungus on them in the summertime, or after a mild winter.
    Hope that helps.

  4. Look at those pretty little skeins! I love the colorful array.

  5. Oh my! Those yarns are GORGEOUS together! Love your Squish! I've been thinking of you a lot lately. I had to hide your soaps while my MIL was here with us and apparently Alzheimers is contageous because I totally forgot about them. But I found them while searching for something else recently and have once again been using them. Good luck to the Mister - and to you!

  6. Not a Floridian, but the green could be algae... here's some ideas,algae%20as%20you%20continue%20scrubbing.

    Love the skeins of rainbow yarn - I love a good rainbow

  7. Wet and Forget can be found at Ace Hardware:)

  8. I know what works best for me without killing me with fumes is the Mr Clean Magic Sponges! You will go through a lot but they work great!!!!!
    The mini skeins are beautiful--You will be able to take a break from home repair and change your hat to a nursing cap! (I miss a nurses' uniform look!)