Friday, March 31, 2023

Resolution Roundup


It's the last day of the month so let's see how I did with my 2023 Resolution projects. Dad's quilt is getting its binding worked on. I'm piecing it from scraps so it's slow going but I'm still predicting an April finish. Won't that be nice. 

I managed 6 more Audun squares this month. I need 17 more. I know you crocheters are laughing but this is torture for me. I can do a row or two a day but that's it. 

#19 is now in the box with the rest of the Advent sweaters. Five more to go. I won't be happy to see this project end. 

Everybody's favorite Rainbow Kitty is mighty close. Mighty close. I predict we'll be seeing Spiral Chicken in the near future.

My year long obsession with making seasonal placemats hit a snag. I had to wait for some backing material to show up. I went ahead and bought some yardage from the Happy Chance collection after a stash dive didn't turn up anything that would work. I did find some pretty stripe for the binding in the stash. Hopefully this weekend I'll be able to get them all together. 


  1. You are reminding me I NEED to get to my Granny Squares. My basket of sick yarn leftovers is overflowing onto the floor! What will you do with Rainbow Kitty once it is completed? Will it be a wall hanging? A rug? What? It is too darn cute.

  2. So nice to hit a spot where a bunch of finishes just cheer you on!

  3. Rainbow Kitty is almost done. It seems like you've been working on that a long, long time. The placemat material is really cute too.
    I'm hoping I find time to make an advent mini stocking calendar for Baby J. Thre is so much to do and not enough time. Your tiny sweaters are so perfect, I don't think I would want that project to end either.