Thursday, March 23, 2023

Before and After


Remember this pitiful thing?

Charmin' Chatty looks like this now. There wasn't much I could do with her hair but pull it up in a messy bun and hide her bald spots with a wide headband but I did find her a new pair of glasses and a new outfit. I couldn't believe how beautiful this little jumper was for the money. It even came with that pretty white blouse and was only $17 on Amazon. A comparable American Girl dress costs about $45. 

It also came with some leggings. I've got some socks and shoes on the way that I hope will fit a 24 inch doll. know that 1000 piece puzzle I was never going to finish? Well, I finished it. 

I liked doing it so much that I bought this spring one. It should be here today. 


  1. Busy, busy. You have more patience than me.

  2. What an adorable outfit and makeover for the well loved doll. I don’t have any of my dolls: they didn’t make the move with me five years ago.

  3. Charming Chatty looks very sweet in her new outfit.

  4. Charmin Chatty is really cute now. You dressed her perfectly.
    There is always a puzzle on the table downstairs for anyone to work on. A friend of mine does most of them. The one just finished was 5000 pieces! Whoa Nellie! No thank you.

  5. What a fun and friendly looking doll now! Good job! The puzzle will be such fun to continue into Spring!