Monday, March 6, 2023

Demolition Man


The Mister is being a baby about tearing out his bathroom. He's doing it one bit at a time which is driving me crazy. I was supposed to paint today while he was out getting medical stuff done but I'm not because he won't take out the toilet and the sink so I can get behind it. He's hemming and hawing about being inconvenienced by having to use the new downstairs bathroom for the duration. 

Remember this? I keep reminding him that I used that same bathroom for NINE MONTHS when we ripped my bathroom down to the studs a few years ago. This photo was taken in September of 2017.

This ta da moment didn't happen until May of 2018. I spent all those months hot footing it downstairs to the nasty old downstairs bathroom. As of last week that nasty old downstairs bathroom is all re-done, yet he still complains. Men. 

Oh, gave me plenty of time to work on this yesterday and it's turned out to be a job that was bigger than I expected. I have had to do plenty of ripping out. 

I didn't realize that the seams were in such bad shape. When I get too close to some of them they pop open. I've had to pick out all that wonky stippling and hand sew the popped seams many, many times. 

I've learned the hard way to fix those seams before I even take it over to the Juki. Sometimes I have to rip whole seams out to tuck in material so I can get the material to lay flat enough to quilt. It was very pouffy in places. 

There are also a lot of raw edges to deal with. We didn't hem the edges of the fan or the hexies so I'm finally getting around to it- 25 years later.


  1. That quilt! It will be so pretty once finished. Can't believe it's 25 years old!!

  2. it's not an easy job to quilt after the fact--and after so many years of more experience at quilting! Sorry about the delay in the bathroom! it's so hard to motivate someone else!

  3. The colors on the quilt are so vibrant. It's going to be so special when you finally get it done.
    Men! Sorry The Mister is being so persnickity. Dennis would rip the entire thing out in one day. He just plain likes to get things done. I have to be careful not to say I want something done, especially when we owned our own homes because he would jump right up and do whatever it was. Not a huge problem, but so often I would feel guilty for thinking out loud! :-)

  4. you are going to love it when that quilt is fixed!

    And oh my... the only thing worse than an inconvenienced man, is one with a man-cold! Seriously... how did they even end up in charge of the world?