Friday, March 3, 2023

Friday Fluff and Field Trips


All I have to show for this week from my little spinning corner are two bobbins of singles waiting to be plied. I do all my plying on the Ladybug because it has a built in Lazy Kate so they will have to wait their turn. 

They are two of the 2 ounce Corriedale braids I dyed for the Garter Squish. This is all I have left to spin. Since I still have a big bag of the the white fiber I'm thinking there may be more dyeing in my future. 

But......all of that fun stuff will have to wait because we are back at work tearing out the last remaining bathroom. We had one delivery of stuff we need for the re-do and are waiting for the rest of it to be delivered to the store for pick up which we hope will be today. Yay...yet another long boring field trip to Lowes for plumbing stuff. I'm hoping they at least have some interesting things in the nursery section. I've got planting fever.


  1. That purple bobbin of single ply. Be still my heart. That right there. That's my favorite color and favorite shades of purple.
    I hope this is your last big remodel project. I can't believe you two are still co-habitating after all of these projects. You two are pros and could consider a second career as husband/wife contractors. :-)

  2. Pretty colors. I don't even know what to say about you two still doing remodeling!

  3. Dave is so annoyed with me right now because we can't go in any multi-purpose store without checking out their garden centre - none of ours have plants yet... but they have all kinds of seeds and supplies and garden decor!

  4. Pretty colors on the singles. More remodeling? Yikes!

  5. Are you getting near the end of the endless rennovation projects?! My DH has been talking about taking on a full-time job for a year--if he does, I am putting my foot down about HIRING SOMEONE to finish up the last bedroom/bathroom reno-he's had 20 years to do it and hasn't!