Monday, March 13, 2023

Installation Blues Three


You don't even want to know the words that came out of The Mister's mouth yesterday morning when we discovered that all that measuring, cutting and gluing we did on Friday was for nothing. When we went to hook up the plumbing none of it fit because we hadn't realized that the new P trap pipe was wider than the one we were replacing. Our hardware store isn't open on Sunday so we'll have to wait to finish that job up.

Putting up the cabinetry wasn't fun but it wasn't a total disaster like the sink, thank goodness. I'm waiting for new knobs before I give you a ta da moment on them. There's still a lot of details I'm working on to give the place a little pizzazz. Right now it's just a white room with white cabinets. Nothing to see there-yet.

Not since we did the kitchen has my house been such a sea of empty boxes.

They are literally everywhere and re-cycling doesn't come until Thursday. The big excitement for next week is that we have a dumpster coming tomorrow. We can finally clear our driveway and backyard from all the junk we've been piling up for three years. Yes, the kitchen debris is still out there rotting away. It's not going to be fun pulling that pile apart. Goodness knows what's made a home in it. It's not going to be pretty.


  1. Good luck.....better you than me. LOL

  2. The finish line is within reach. I hope this week goes smoothly.

  3. As Vera said, good luck. I hope it's not as bad as you're fearing. That's one of the perks for living here, we have two huge dumpters that we can throw things in anytime. Plus, indoor trash chute to the basement. Just walk two doors down the hall and send the bag down a chute to the basement! And, for me, indoor mailboxes! I love that on icy, rainy days.

  4. Sounds like you're almost done and the results are going to be worth the effort! Nice work.

  5. I would love to rent a dumpster! lol You are making progress even if it looks stalled at first!