Thursday, March 9, 2023

Planning Ahead


This Mister came home from his doctor's appointment with two knees full of cortisone so he has had to take it easy for a few days which means the bathroom isn't get done at the moment. He's been working on his latest paint by number while staying off his feet. It's been a preview of what we are going to be in for after the surgery. 

In anticipation of Mr. Ants in the Pants having to stay in one place for a few weeks, I bought him this diamond painting kit and all its doo dads. He's not too sure about it but he thought the same thing about the paint by numbers I bought him. 

What I thought was really cool about this one is that it has a DMC floss conversion so you could also use this as a cross stitching project if you wanted to. 

I'm going to have a lot of down time myself so I bought myself some supplies to get serious about that needle punching kit. The pattern uses floss so I bought some cheap off brand stuff to practice with and some new hoops. My old bamboo ones were not going to do the job.

I also have this puzzle to finish. It's a winter scene and you know how I hate working on things out of season. Please, someone remind me to NEVER buy another 1000 piece puzzle. I don't have the attention span for something this big but I'm not ready to give up-not yet anyway. Come summer when this thing is still on the table I just might have to.


  1. You've sure picked some great projects to keep you busy after the surgery. I bought four diamond painting kits a few weeks ago. I hope to start the first one in the next few days. I've never done it before so I hope I can figure it out!
    Blessings and hugs,

  2. The 1000 piece puzzle looks like fun to me. Trying to cross stitch that diamond painting piece would be nuts (just my opinion).

  3. I'm always wishing the puzzle makers would do more 750-piece ones; often all I find are 1000 or 500 (too many and too easy). If you have or find a good source for 750s let me know!

  4. i love the inspiration you always bring to my mind. good luck with all that is up coming. i have had a diamond painting picked up on clearance some time last year i've yet to try. like betsy i must start mine soon :)

    blessing and best to you,

  5. Thousand piece puzzles are scary! That's a really pretty count by number painting.

  6. I am a jigsawer, always one in progress in both PA and now FL while I care for mom. She likes them too. Can you tell me the name of your winter scene puzzle, 1000 pieces is not a deterrent.

  7. Beautiful painting--and he is going to love the diamond dotz!!!! It is so much fun!

  8. It's Bethesda Fountain from the Micheal Storring collection from Galison. I get them from Amazon.