Wednesday, March 29, 2023



I've been washing my way through my sock drawer this week. It's a big job. I've pulled out my spring socks and tucked away my heavy winter ones. 

I've also got two pair of fresh off the needles socks to show off. Peppercorn Static on the left. Arne and Carlos Lofoten Regia on the right. 

I was hoping to have three pair done by the end of the month but Felici is dragging up the rear. It's my travel project and we don't travel much these days. 

Speaking of socks....Charmin' Chatty has a new pair and a pair of new shoes. I found them on eBay. They couldn't be more perfect. 

Could she be any cuter? You know I am going to have to knit her a sweater and a hat next winter. 

I've also got another pair of cute little feet that need shoes. 

My grandmother's old Schoenhut doll has been without shoes and socks for a while now. I guess I better start looking. 


  1. Beautiful socks! I love seeing all the different colors. The Felici socks that you are currently knitting look like sherbert to me!

  2. Isn't she stunning now!!! Good job on the new wardrobe start! Pretty socks, too!

  3. Chatty looks fantastic! As do the finished socks

  4. Cathy looks cute in her new dress, socks and shoes! Good luck find footwear for your grandmother’s doll.

  5. Look at all of those nice warm socks. They are so pretty. Charmin Cathy looks so nice. Those shoes and socks are great, perfect for the dress. I'm looking forward to seeing her sweater and hat next fall.

  6. Beautiful socks! I bet those dolls are wishing they had some hand knit socks too... :)

  7. Your grandmother's doll has a beautiful dress. She needs some pretty little MaryJanes to go with it.