Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Tiny Needle Tuesday

I did indeed get The Mister to gut his bathroom so I could paint it while he was at the doctor's yesterday. All I really had to say was that if I did it on Tuesday, when he was at home, I would expect him to help. He hates painting so that bathroom was empty in a flash...lol.

With all this bathroom stuff going on I haven't had much time to sit and stitch this week but I did get a  little flower pot and the letter b on the Village Quaker. 

On the Nautical Sampler I got most of one of the white clouds finished, a few more inches of rope and a few more of the letters outlined.

I did finish the bottom half of Llama Lump and packed it away with my other winter projects. 

Poor Cow Pile is just sitting here because I can't remember what fabric I used for all the rest of the critter piles. I want them to match so I've been ordering every fabric I can think of from all the places I usually order from but still haven't had a match. I got more coming today so I've got my fingers crossed.

And....while I was literally waiting for paint to dry in between coats yesterday I got three more little boxes stitched on the top of Patchwork Printemps. A stitch here and a stitch there is all I have time for these days but it does seem to add up.


  1. Oh my Deb! They are all wonderful. I'm loving all of the projects you're stitching right now.
    Good for you for knowing just what to say to The Mister to get the bathroom ready to paint. :-)

  2. A stitch now and then certainly does add up. All of your pieces are so pretty. I'm surprised you packed away Llama Lump - it looks so near to being finished!

  3. It sure does add up! Beautiful stitching going on! Glad you were able to do the painting!

  4. One stitch at a time, adds up to nine!