Sunday, March 12, 2023

Installation Blues Two


That's as far as we got yesterday. We had big plans to get the whole bathroom put back together but the plumbing didn't play nice at all. It took a trip to the hardware store and lots of ups and downs to get this bit of pipe together. For the first time ever, in the 30 plus year history of working on stuff like this together, The Mister called it quits after a only a few hours. Even though I was doing most of the up and down work, the pain in his hips and knees was all too much for him. I wish I could say I spent the rest of the day doing something meaningful for myself like picking up a neglected project-but I didn't. I was planning a solitary SNL watch party complete with a bag of lightly salted chips and some strawberry Twizzlers so after walking the dog, the only thing I had on my to do list was a nap. 


  1. You know that it is good to have a down-day, too! Sounds like my kinda snack food!

  2. I hope your nap was more successful than the plumbing! It will soon be all behind you and you'll have another lovely bathroom.